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Welcome to the “Sound,” where the unmistakable, undeniable, voice of GOD is always present.
“For I give you sound teaching, do not abandon my instruction”. (Proverbs 4:2)

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We are a people who are spiritually sound. We search the scriptures daily, to see if these things are true. We accept the sound doctrine GOD has given us. We receive the spiritual increase GOD has ordained for us; and we will walk in the physical blessing that GOD has set before us. We pray daily that our lives reflect the promise we made to live in the image of GOD. For we are a people who are spiritually healthy, spiritually wealthy, and Spiritually Sound!

Our Prayer

Be Blessed, Think Blessed, as you are Blessed

Our prayer is that your understanding of the one true living GOD is revealed to you as you familiarize yourself with our ministry. We see that in this day and age, the word religion may not affect you as it was used in a previous time. That is why we are making every attempt to introduce and re-establish you with “right relationship.”

We understand that your life may not line up with what society demands. We exist in a time where the blended family is more than a fact, it has become a lifestyle. Here at the “Sound” we are ever present of that lifestyle, as we live it ourselves.

We believe in training our staff in a way that will best assist you in gaining the understanding that you need to develop spiritually, utilizing sound biblical doctrine. It is my sincere hope that you will find something on this site that will prompt you to join us for one hour. That is all we ask. One hour.

We have established Spiritually Sound Institute for one purpose alone; to teach you the basic necessities to have you walk in the right relationship that GOD has pre-destined for you. The mission of this body is to empower you to teach yourself, preach to yourself, and stand alongside you as you bring yourself through your circumstances.

In the meantime, we are looking forward to hearing from you.